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We deliver both manufacturing technology and raw materials that will add value to fast growing industries. For those interested in investing, the required information can be found here.


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  • Jon André Løkke

    Jon André Løkke

    Chair of the board
  • Finn Blydt-Svendsen

    Finn Blydt-Svendsen

    Member of the board
  • Gunnvor Dyrdi Remøy

    Gunnvor Dyrdi Remøy

    Member of the board


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Financial Calendar

08.02.2024 - Q4 2023
20.03.2024 - Annual Report
24.04.2024 - Annual General Meeting
08.05.2024 - Q1 2024
21.08.2024 - Q2 2024
31.10.2024 - Q3 2024

Digital notifications

Would you like to receive notifications for general meetings and other VPS messages electronically? To save the environment and reduce costs for the company you own shares in, you can choose to receive notifications and other information electronically instead of by mail.

Follow the steps below:

  • Log in through your bank or use Bank ID at - My VPS - VPS Investor Services - Log in to Investor Services.
  • Click on your name at the top right.
  • Select "Investor Information"
  • Click on the blue "Edit" button.
  • Verify or change your e-mail address.
  • Select "Yes" for Electronic Company Messages/Investor Messages on all points below.
  • You will receive an e-mail notification when VPS messages/notifications are sent, informing you that you have a message in Investor Services.
  • Log in to the same location and retrieve the VPS message/notification in the mailbox at the top right.

Nomination Commitee

BCS’s articles specify that the Company shall have a Nomination Committee. The commitee shall present proposals to the general meeting regarding (i) election of the chair of the Board, board members and any deputy members, and (ii) election of members of the nomination committee.

The nomination committee shall also present proposals to the general meeting for remuneration of the members of the Board and the nomination committee, which is to be determined by the general meeting.




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