Successful Proof of Concept Product Purification
News - 05. July 2023

Successful Proof of Concept Product Purification (Down Stream Processing)

At Bergen Carbon Solutions we are thrilled to announce successful proof of concept of our new separation pilot line. This is an important pre-requisite to ensure our cost competitive advantage as the green supplier of the supermaterial of the future!

Bergen Carbon Solution has an innovative technology to produce carbon materials such as MWCNT’s and graphite using CO₂ as raw material. As part of our ongoing roadmap to further increase our competitiveness, we have developed a novel way of purifying the material produced, and at the same time recovering the electrolyte which constitute a substantial part of our production costs, while at the same time further reducing our CO₂ footprints.

The pilot prototype has been designed in-house while constructed at a partner workshop where factory acceptance test (FAT) has been completed in the presence of representatives from our company. This shows promising results where the carbon products are separated and purified successfully at one end, while the electrolyte separated is regenerated and can be sent it to back to our reactors for further production. The pilot prototype is also TüV-approved, and the technology will be further optimized and tested at our test center in Flesland. The pilot unit is dimensioned for the capacity of the current test production.

This successful proof of concept paves the way for further research and development, aiming to refine the purification and recycling technology to a commercial scale. This innovative technology not only aligns with global efforts to combat climate change but also holds the potential to significantly lower operational costs, further enhancing the company's financial sustainability.

Furthermore, we are pursuing the patenting process of this technology, which necessitates the confidentiality of specific details at this stage.