We produce

Carbon Nanofibers


CO2 and Norwegian hydropower

Our Mission

A New Use of CO2

Rather than using conventional methods to produce carbon nanofibers, we use CO2 as a raw material resulting in a low CO2 footprint production.

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What is

Carbon Nanofiber

CNF is carbon fiber at the nanometer scale, consisting of several graphene flakes. Lighter than plastic and stronger than steel, with exceptional thermal and electrical conductivity. These particles have a unique combination of strength, durability, conductivity and a vast range of applications and qualities which can be transferred when combined with other materials. The material is in rapidly growing demand for a wide range of industrial and technological applications. It has the appearance of black powder.

What we do

From CO2 to a valuable product

We use innovative technology to produce carbon nanofibers, utilizing CO2 as a raw material combined with Norwegian green power. The production promotes the principles of a circular economy by enabling economic growth while also using less material resources.

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