About us

Bergen Carbon Solutions is a company based in Bergen, Norway. We use innovative technology to produce carbon nanofibers, using CO₂ and Norwegian hydropower. This makes our production unique and 100 % environmentally friendly.

About us

Our product

Carbon nanofibers are a groundbreaking material with applications in everything from energy storage to protective clothing. Rather than using natural gas to produce carbon nanofibers, with resulting CO₂- emissions, Bergen Carbon Solutions uses CO₂ to produce the nanofibers, leaving only O₂ -emissions. We do this by capturing CO₂ directly from industrial chimneys.

Green product

CO₂-negative technology

Traditionally, the production of carbon nanofibers is based on the carbon-containing vapours found in natural gas. This manufacturing process has high energy demands and results in greenhouse gas emissions. The Bergen Carbon Solutions system, however, uses less energy than traditional methods, and the only by-product of the process is pure oxygen gas. The production process is a CO₂-negative technology, which results in cleaner air and reduced industrial emissions. The environmental aspect is important for us in Bergen Carbon Solutions and we take pride in our CO₂-negative production.

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