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Towards the zero emission society

Bergen Carbon Solutions delivers both carbon capture and utilization technology and clean carbon raw materials, that adds value to existing and fast growing industries.

As the world accelerates towards the zero emission society, electrification and using less resources are essential to succeed. The conductivity, light-weight, strength and durability of carbon are attractive properties, from green battery production and electronic applications to superior structures and surfaces.

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Our Story

Bergen Carbon Solutions is the world’s clean carbon technology and materials company. The company is making CO₂ a valuable resource, using renewable energy to turn the excessive greenhouse gas into solid carbon.

With our groundbreaking, proven process for carbon capture and utilization (CCU), Bergen Carbon Solutions is enabling clean carbon for green manufacturing. Our CCU technology is ensuring stable delivery of carbon nanotubes and graphite, helping manufacturers to be less exposed to the raw material risks of geopolitical rivalry.

Established in 2016, based in Norway, Bergen Carbon Solutions is targeting the fast growing battery industry globally, and other carbon intensive industries looking to replace conventional, fossil based solutions to stay relevant in their markets.

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Our Journey

Positioning for industrialization
Successful flue gas capture pilot
New CEO, Odd Strømsnes


Revised strategy, focusing on electrification and battery production
New Chairman of the Board, Jon André Løkke

New HQ in Bergen
IPO, listed on OSE Euronext Growth

Growing organization

Bergen Carbon Solutions founded

Research at our facilities
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Making CO₂ a valuable resource

The century ahead calls for new technologies, combating climate change, biodiversity loss and plastic pollution. Everything fossil must be replaced, sooner than later. That’s why Bergen Carbon Solutions is using renewable energy to turn the excessive greenhouse gas CO₂ into solid, versatile industrial raw materials.

Clean carbon

Enable clean carbon for green manufacturing

Through our revolutionary method of producing carbon, Bergen Carbon Solutions ensures stable supply and a climate negative CO₂ footprint. Manufacturers aiming to comply with green regulations and to meet market demand, will gain a competitive advantage from our portfolio of clean carbon products.

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Instinct for innovation

The culture at Bergen Carbon Solutions is about exploring and executing new ideas, contributing to learning and improvements. Getting our technology moving is making a difference.


We focus on customer needs, willing to put in the personal and team efforts to succeed.



We respect the trust we are given, making the most of every opportunity.



We strive for excellence, always concerned about the integrity of our delivery.

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