Carbon Capture and Utilization Technology

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Carbon Capture and Utilization Technology

If you want a place to work where you can help out solving the climate crisis and the environmental problems of the world today, then we have something in common. Carbon Capture and Utilization technology is definitely part of the solution.

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Are you ready?

Bergen Carbon Solutions is always looking for top talent with integrity. We provide the opportunity to put your efforts into replacing fossil carbon with clean carbon. Being part of our progressive team you will contribute to the development of our leading technology and our industrial adventure.

Using CO₂ as raw material is simply a very good idea. We represent a specific, realistic and environmentally superior solution for carbon intensive industries globally. To succeed we depend on a wide range of professionals within engineering, management, sales, marketing, business development and more.

Are you ready for enabling green manufacturing, with the potential of massively reducing emissions, energy consumption and creating new industrial jobs?

Let’s talk, and get down to action!

Research at the lab
Niri, Laboratory Engineer
"BCS is a forward-thinking workplace dedicated to crafting real solutions for our planet.”
Niri Heggren, Laboratory Engineer at BCS
Work enviroment

Instinct for innovation

At Bergen Carbon Solutions, we’re all about growing our team and bringing in people who love technology and innovation as much as we do. We know that having the right skills and a passion for learning are key to our success.

Our culture & team

We're building a friendly and welcoming place to work, where everyone’s ideas are valued. We believe in working together and learning from each other to make things happen. We’re always on the lookout for new talents who can bring fresh ideas to our team.

Be part of something big

Working here is more than just a job. We’re about making a real impact and growing together. Here, everyone has the chance to learn, grow, and be part of exciting projects.

In-house research facilities

Our headquarters are located at Flesland, next to Bergen Airport or a good tram ride from downtown Bergen. We have our own lab, with advanced equipment and plenty of space. Looking at the map, we see a world of opportunities.

Manual labour is necessary
Researcher at facility

Key Benefits

Growing your career with us, you will be part of a truly innovative company with a cause. We take pride in making our team thrive, and have the means to back it.

Get inspired

Grow through empowerment and responsibility

Get inspired

Strong team

Innovate with highly skilled, dedicated colleagues

Welding at research facility


Work in the capital of the Norwegian west coast

Lounge at the office

The Lab

Our office and research facilities are at the same location

Clean carbon - the green supermaterial of the future

Have a say

We strive for a collaborative culture where you can grow.

Meeting at the office

Be the future

Carbon Capture and Utilization is key for a green future in manufacturing

Electrify better, manufacture stronger
Amanda, Laboratory Engineer
“The environment here nurtures professional advancement, promotes open discussions, and places scientific progress as our top priority.”
Portait of Amanda Herisktad Nygård, Laboratory Engineer at BCS
Open applications welcome

Let's talk

If you’re excited about tech, keen to learn, and enjoy working with others, we’d love to meet you! Please send us an open application and see how you can become part of our journey. We’re excited to welcome new people who share our love for top-notch work and making the world a better place.

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Pioneering problem solver

At Bergen Carbon Solutions we seize every opportunity to solve pressing problems. We challenge the current way of thinking, presenting a credible and more attractive solution.

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