We are excited to announce that we are expanding our business model and introducing full-scale factory production of environmentally friendly carbon nanofibers (CNF); EcoNano

Compared to our previous business plan, the one presented today has so far identified:- A significant increase in production volumes with a capacity of 410 tons CNF by 2024, up from 195 tons- At least 25% reduction in capex per ton CNF produced- At least 20% reduction in opex per ton CNF produced- Significant improvement in supply reliability”Some of the larger clients we aim to serve in the future will not only require large volumes of EcoNano, but also high reliability of supply. Our technology is scalable, and we can now accelerate our growth and more than double our production capacity by 2024 compared to our original plan. With huge savings on both capex and opex, we believe this will further strengthen our competitive position in this fast growing, very attractive market” says CEO Jan Børge Sagmo.

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