Research & Development

Over the past four years we have developed an exciting innovative technology with anchoring in green values. We have also built a great company based on this foundation.​

We want to help others who have the ambition to move along the same path and have therefore developed specific consulting services based on our experience and knowledge.

  • Our highly skilled specialists have a broad range of expertise within various disciplines and can cover all parts of the product development cycles by integrating CNFs in customer end products.​
  • Unique R&D collaboration models/projects nationally and internationally for customers to choose a form that suits their needs. ​
  • We can provide a complete competency platform during a development project with the knowledge from our R&D specialists.​
  • Joint flue gas treating ventures for industrial companies emitting flue gases (emission trading).
  • Sustainable and renewable solutions​.
  • LCA of products​.
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Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS)​

Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS)​

  • On an average 40 billions tons of CO2 is emitted to the atmosphere​ each year
  • BCS is developing technology to produce CNFs directly from flue gas, bypassing CCS technologies to make use CO2 instead of storing it

Additive in Composite / Polymers​

  • CNFs can be added to composites and polymers to​ enhance their mechanical and thermal properties
  • We are collaborating with the following companies to blend​ CNFs in composites and in advanced polymeric materials​
Additive in Composite / Polymers​


  • Given CNFs exceptional electrical and thermal properties​ it can be added to existing and new electronic devices to promote​ the electrical conductivity without heat generation. ​Additionally, the versatile properties of CNFs enables the promotion​ of desired characteristics in the electronic devices where it is added
  • We are already working on exploring the world of electronic automobiles. By adding CNFs we could get long range, highly stable greener batteries

Other applications

  • Given the flexible and mechanical strong nature of CNF, it can be used within wearable technology, nano carbon inks, 3D printing, as a filler to rubber industry, cement industry and most promisingly in medical fields as drug deposit delivery
  • CNF can also be added to materials used within electromagnetic interference shielding.​ CNF is also a promising material within the aerospace and defence industry
  • Contact us to learn more on how CNF can be added to your product to enhance desired properties​
Other applications
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