The material

Carbon nanofibers are carbon fibers at the nanometer scale, consisting of several graphene flakes. Carbon nanofibers have a unique combination of strength, durability and conductivity and a vast range of applications. They have revolutionized energy storage, protective clothing, flame retardance and oil spill remediation, as well as therapeutic cancer drugs.


Our technology

The Bergen Carbon Solution system uses less energy than traditional methods, and the only by- product of the process is pure oxygen gas. Bergen Carbon Solutions’ technology makes the production of carbon nanofibers more cost effective, with a positive environmental impact. Greenhouse gases are removed from the atmosphere rather than added to it


Fast growing market

The market for carbon nanofibers is experiencing rapid growth, principally due to emerging applications in the electronics and healthcare industries. The carbon nanofibers market is estimated to grow from USD 4.55 billion in 2018 to USD 9.84 billion by 2023.



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