NOK 1.5 million award for groundbreaking CNF Arena project in Mosjøen

(Berger, 29 July 2021) Nordland Fylkeskommune has decided to grant 1.5 million NOK in funding for the CNF Arena project which is a collaboration between Mosjøen og Omegn Næringsselskap (MON), Vefsn municipality and Bergen Carbon Solutions. The project goal is to secure national cutting-edge expertise on advanced carbon- nanofiber materials (CNF) located in Mosjøen.

“We are proud to be part of the promising CFN Arena project, and very happy to receive the good news from Nordland Fylkeskommune. This support further strengthens the opportunity to develop a strong cluster for development of green materials based on carbon capture and utilization in the region,” says CEO Jan B. Sagmo for Bergen Carbon Solutions.

Bergen Carbon Solutions will cooperate with Vefsn municipality and MON on developing the project. On behalf of Vefsn municipality, MON will facilitate the project and work strategically and systematically to develop this specialized field together with Bergen Carbon Solutions.

Nordland Fylkeskommune has granted 1 MNOK for the project, with additional NOK 500.000 granted upon completion of the first part of the project when preliminary results are available and the project plan is finalized.

Local collaboration makes Mosjøen hub for green materials

“Considering that we are in the early development stage of carbon capture and utilization technology, the opportunity to develop together with strong local partners is great. We will consider establishing presence in Mosjøen to take part in the project,” says Mr.Sagmo.

With CNF Arena, the goal is to secure that the national cutting-edge expertise on advanced CNF-materials will be in Mosjøen. Also, to build a world-leading professional environment on the future’s green materials, based on carbon capture and utilization (CCU) products. This is also in correlation with the establishment of an industrial park with a carbon-lab in Mosjøen.

“In light of the green shift, CCU will be very important both nationally and internationally, and it has an enormous development potential,” Sagmo concludes.

For more information contact:

Jan B. Sagmo

CEO of Bergen Carbon Solutions

+47 473 72 701

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