CNF Arena

Bergen Carbon Solutions will cooperate with Vefsn municipality and Mosjøen og Omegn Næringsselskap (MON) on the project called CNF Arena.  

In light of the green shift, Carbon Capture & Utilization (CCU) will be very important both nationally and internationally, and it has an enormous development potential.  

CCU involves capturing CO2 and then taking advantage of the CO2.  

Bergen Carbon Solutions produces carbon nanofibers (CNF) from CO2, and the company will potentially establish itself in Mosjøen to take part in this new project.  

Considering that we are in the early development stage of CCU-technology, the opportunity to develop a specialized field for CCU- related establishments is great.  

MON wants to facilitate this project, and with strategic and systematic work, develop this specialized field together with Bergen Carbon Solutions and their green CNF. With Bergen Carbon Solutions’ potential establishment in Mosjøen, MON will naturally look at the opportunity to initiate further development of the products and expertise.  

With CNF Arena, the goal is to secure that the national cutting-edge expertise on advanced CNF-materials will be in Mosjøen. Also, to build a world-leading professional environment on the future’s green materials, based on CCU products. This is also in correlation with the establishment of an industrial park/ carbon-lab in Mosjøen.  

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